Vino Cotto



The “Vino Cotto” (lit. Cooked Wine) is a typical product of Macerata’s and Ascoli’s region, which finds in the countryside of Loro Piceno a high profile in history, culture and tradition. The grapes for making “Vino Cotto” are the locals black and white: Trebbiano, Sangiovese and Montepulciano. The grapes are pressed and the juice is placed in copper and boiled slowly over direct wood fire for about 10-12 hours, until a drop of between 30% and 50% of its initial volume. Once cooked, the must is poured, still hot, in wooden barrels
and left ageing for a period of not less than 5 years.
The “Vino Cotto” has a dark amber color; a fruity perfume with hints of caramel and honey; a smooth taste, sweet and persistent and an alcohol content ranging from 12% to 14%. The “Vino Cotto” is a great sipping wine but also an excellent dessert wine and goes very well with a wide variety of cakes and especially, with all the dry pastries, which are to be served at room temperature.